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"hundreds Across U.s. Protest Gaza Operation"

This is the headline over an Associated Press dispatch in Ha'aretz. Well, yes, hundreds. Which is what you can muster for just about any political demo.

The fact is that the American people support the Israeli air offensive against Hamas. 

In Dearborn, Michigan (where some 40-45% of the 100,000-plus population are Arabs and mostly Lebanese), perhaps a thousand folk marched in a protest. Here and there around the country, small clusters smoldered in their grievance against Israel which, of course, also quickly extends to America.   

Nearly half of Dearborn's Arabs are Christians, and they have zero reason to defend the Gaza jihadis. And, even from among the Sunnis and Shi'a in town, there are many who did not drag the rancid poison of the old country to the new.  America often does that to its immigrants, and it's a blessing.