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Memo To The Archbishop Of Canterbury: Mind Your Own Business

According to Reuters, the Archbishop on Canterbury, Rowan Williams, once again has ideas on how to stop the bloodshed in the Middle East.  He urged President Bush and president-elect Barack Obama to do it.

The cleric has a lot of trouble in his own church which is about to be sundered.  Not his fault, really.  But leadership and respect he does not command.  He has also messed quite frequently with the Israel-Palestinian issue and, as it happens, he has done this ignorantly and with episcopal moral certainty.  His most remarkable intervention in public affairs was to propose that British Muslims should not be bound by state law in family matters but by Shari'a law.  In one fell swoop he would take the liberties of the English away from innocent Muslims, and he would do this all in the name of multi-culturalism.

Williams is very perturbed by what has happened in Gaza in the last few days.  He would be better positioned to state his views if he had been also perturbed by what was happening from and out of Gaza during the last year.