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The Truth About Gaza

I don't doubt the suffering caused by Israel's bombing of Gaza, and I don't doubt that many innocents are victims.  Of course, had Hamas not been launching missiles against the population of Israel Gaza would have been left undisturbed.  Enough is enough.

Arabic is a language easily taken to exaggeration and hyperbole.  The easy use of the word genocide is an instance of this Arab habit.  There is no genocide in Sudan but there is in the Strip.  Sorry, I had it in reverse.  This lying also extends to details that can be quickly checked by reporters who don't.  Would you not think that, with the hysteria about starvation, you'd see some bloated bellies on the TV?  Instead, you see healthy children and strong young men in the rituals of resistance.

And sneakers.  You have to look closely at the sneakers, seemingly new and, of course, costly.

In the midst of all this catastrophe propaganda there are some facts.  These were provided to me by Jacob Dallal, an old and trusted friend who happens to work for the spokesman's unit of the I.D.F.   He has been my informant in several comparable situations: he has never told me a lie or even a fib.

  • Today (Wed.), 93 truckloads with 2,500 tons of food and medical supplies were transferred to Gaza.
  • Since the beginning of the operation in Gaza Saturday, 6,500 tons of food and medicine were transferred to Gaza.
  • The World Food Program has informed Israel that they will not be resuming shipment of food into Gaza because their warehouses are at full capacity, with enough supplies for at least 2 weeks.
  • 12 Palestinians from Gaza entered Israel today (Wed.) for medical treatment.