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Not Just Another Fox Fox

 In today's WaPo, Howie Kurtz has a flattering profile of Fox Business Network anchor, Liz Claman. Toward the end, Kurtz notes:

After a decade, she is getting some repect. A recent Vanity Fair article called Claman one of the top business anchors, distinguishing her from some other female financial correspondents, with "their short, tight skirts, low-cut blouses, and the way the Fox cameras focused on their legs and chests."

Amusingly, this bit of text happened to run along the right-hand edge of a large, full-length photo of a toothsome Claman at work in a short, fitted black skirt; a clingy, lowish-cut blouse; and spiky, strappy black heels that show off her very impressive gams.

Apparently, someone in the WaPo's photo department has a fine sense of irony. 

--Michelle Cottle