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At Least It Beats Joe The Plumber

Dana Milbank hilariously tallies invocations of Ronald Reagan at yesterday's debate between the candidates for RNC chair. He comes up with a total of 16, which is fewer than the 22 guns that four of the contenders boast of owning in a comical display of yardsticking. But the most delightful burst of one-upsmanship has to be this:

 "Let me just say that I have 4,000 friends on Facebook," contributed Blackwell, putting his hand on Dawson's and Anuzis's knees. "That's probably more than these two guys put together, but who's counting, you know?" Acknowledged Saltsman: "I'm not sure all of us combined Twitter as much as Saul."

Anuzis claimed he had "somewhere between 2- and 3,000" Facebook friends, which prompted Blackwell to remind the audience that he has 4,000 friends on the social networking site by waving four fingers behind Anuzis's head.

Damn, they're cool.

--Christopher Orr