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Transition News 1/07

Obama offers a grim budget outlook. 

PEOTUS does quick outreach to mend rifts over the Panetta pick.

David Ignatius, however, says Panetta is a good choice. 

Friedman gives Obama advice on the Gaza crisis. 

Politico breaks down the strengths and risks of Obama's economic plan.

What should Obama's Justice Department focus on first?

Obama transfers more than $3 million of his campaign funds to the DCCC.

Michael Gerson assesses Obama's ambition. 

Attorney who used to work with Burris in Illinois says he should back away from the Senate seat because he "fails to recognize the difference between right and wrong."

In light of the Sanjay Gupta pick, WaPo wonders which other TV stars might be in line for administration jobs. 

Slate asks readers to collaborate and write Obama's inauguration speech. 

--Seyward Darby