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Lucky Seven

The folks at Vulture queried critics, pored over end-of-the-year lists, and even revisited individual reviews in their quest to uncover the worst film of the year. Their conclusion: Seven Pounds, the first Will Smith movie in approximately 150 years to be both a critical and commercial failure. One can quibble with the choice--I had the film as runner-up in my "morally appalling" category--but it's a worthy one, and provides another opportunity to link to this A.O. Scott review, easily one of the funniest of the year. (My own take is here, with spoilers in the comments for the curious.) Vulture's ten worst list is here, and the full critic poll is here.

Finally, via Jeffrey Wells, here's an extremely spoilerish poster that suggests that Seven Pounds might've worked better if it had only had the courage to be a Johnny Mercer musical.

--Christopher Orr