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Dep't Of Poor Judgment

If you run over a notorious mobster's son, you might want to make yourself disappear before someone does that for you:

Favara was arriving home from work on March 18, 1980, when Gotti's son Frank, riding a minibike, darted in front of his car. The driver told police he was momentarily blinded by the sun and did not see the boy.

The crash was ruled an accident by police, but Favara was subjected to death threats and harassment for months. His car was stolen and later smeared with the word "murderer," and he was threatened by Gotti's bat-wielding wife when he tried to apologize.

However, he ignored suggestions that he should move away.

Instead, Favara vanished. Twenty nine years later, we find out that he wound up dissolved in a barrel of acid. 

--Michael Crowley