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Reviving The Oldest Hatred

If you are not shocked by the replenishment of the oldest hatred you are shocked by nothing.  The appropriation of images of Hitler's gas ovens by Muslims and the solidarity of the left with Islamofascism come together as about the ugliest political phenomenon of the age.  I know that not all Muslims are guilty of these (and other) heinous crimes against the principles of democratic society.  But there is absent among the immigrants to the West who pray to Allah much dissent from this epidemic of genocidal desire. 

I was in Sderot today and saw a film clip of Khaled Meshal, the head of the political bureau of Hamas who now is quarreling with his fellow terrorist chieftains in Gaza, provoking a recent mob to cheers:  "Before we kill the Jews we will humiliate them."  Meshal is still alive (living in exile in Damascus) because, as he lay dying in an Amman hospital bed from a poison injected in his neck by the Mossad, Bill Clinton coerced Bibi Netanyahu into immediately providing the antidote to the deadly serum."  This 1997 episode was one of those many  deus ex machina silly gestures that Clinton seemed to think would encourage the peace process. Well, now we know exactly what that gesture did.

Meshal has been the kingfish of the Hamas movement.  Fanatic in its hatred of Jews, fanatic in his hatred of such Palestinian moderates as there are, Meshal and his movement make for the ardor to slaughter Jews among Arabs and Muslims everywhere.

Am I exaggerating the extent of these sentiments?  No, not at all.

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