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Transition News 1/13

David Sanger offers questions for Hillary Clinton's confirmation hearing. 

Closing Guantanamo could take a year. 

WaPo says Obama, Clinton, and Kerry form a new foreign policy trio. 

Julius Genachowski, another Harvard Law alum, will head the FCC.

Questions with David Plouffe: What will be be doing in the new administration? 

Christopher Hitches says, Don't Confirm Hillary.

Who's the new HHS deputy

Head of the UAW has concerns about Rattner as possible car czar. 

Obama will drop the business tax break he'd proposed in the stimulus. 

PEOTUS asks Bush's global AIDS czar to stay in his job. 

Slate asks, Who exactly are Obama's moving guys? 

Following the Rick Warren controversy, Obama has selected an openly gay minister to give an invocation at a pre-inauguration event. 

--Seyward Darby