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Not From Gaza... But From Washington

I've had my issues with Hillary Clinton, and I've had them for more than 15 years, long before she knew who I was and long after. But the truth is that I never really liked Bill Clinton at all, not even his shifty presidency. Just a while back I wrote a piece in the Wall Street Journal about the creepiness of his panhandling among the rich and the colossally rich for his not-quite-clear-what-it's-all-about foundation. And also for his-monument-to-himself presidential library.

Yes, Bill shlepped lots of cash from the oil-drenched Arab countries. And they gave. They gave plenty. I supposed in the expectation that they'd get favors in return. But the potentates are also in social competition with each other. So each of them upped the ante with gifts to what is, so to speak, the ex-president's charitable part of the money-making business. I've been to some of these countries. Don't underestimate the glitter of a party at the Rainbow Room over Rockefeller Center.

Still, frankly, I've had it with Dick Morris and Christopher Hitchens speculating that Hillary might sell out the country in exchange for an emir or sheikh in some Gulf statelet forking over to her husband a king's ransom.