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Hamas In Its Own Words: Try To Make Peace With These People

I also want the Israelis to agree to a cease-fire with Hamas. And only a cease-fire that can plausibly lead to peace. Of course, Hamas wants a cease-fire to get a respite from the battle. But it also wants a cease-fire with many caveats and conditions. These caveats and conditions would allow it to restock, rearm, reposition. In other words, begin the firing of rockets and missiles all over again.  

A cease-fire, let alone an armistice, is in the details. Frankly, none of the details on the table work. Egypt cannot be trusted to impose a cessation of arms deliveries through the Sinai by Bedouins. There are several reasons for this. One is that the Egyptians are habitually corrupt. Moreover, there is a Muslim Brotherhood fifth column in the country that is allied with Hamas.

Some of the European countries might be trusted to perform the task. But most of them don't want to put their soldiers in harm's way. Of course, Turkey has agreed to play some role in a cease-fire. But its credentials are very faulty, indeed. In this conflict, it has made itself an ally of Hamas and, frankly, an enemy of Israel.

But the real reason why any cease-fire will be a failure and worse is the character of Hamas. It is not just another antagonist on the field of battle. Its rhetoric is not just talk. Watch it and listen to it here.

This is the maddest vocabulary of any militant group in the last several hundred years. And they are not fooling.