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The Kitsch Continues

After I posted two slideshows of the good, the bad, and the ugly of Obama memorabilia yesterday, several friends responded with their own links to some great new finds. Check out an Obama action doll as a man-about-town in this photo spread, and here is the greatest (ok, probably only) Obama paper plate you'll ever see. 

To see the original TNR slideshow of D.C. kitsch, see here, and for the worst of the Web, see here.

UPDATE: Since everyone in the U.S. seems to be descending on D.C. this weekend, we are certain of two things: the amount of kitsch will skyrocket, and amateur photographers will abound. Send us pics of your favorite Obama-phernalia that you see on the streets. And even if you aren't in Washington, send us photos of the monstrosities and curios you see in your hometowns or on the Web. E-mail

--Seyward Darby