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Scenes From The Mall

An update from the inauguration field: In few words, it's a mess. I have a ticket for the "standing" area, and am waiting to get through the purple gate. Unfortunately there aren't enough signs or officials, and despite some promising color coding, the "purple" and the "yellow" groups are mixed together with much confusion about where we're all headed. Nothing is moving. It's a time for the hale and hearty only: An english woman professed claustrophobia, held my hand, and then despite traveling here for the inauguration decided to go back to the hotel. A very cold baby was carried out above the crowd. There's a chant of "No more cuts," with the riposte "We are one!"--but there's at least some bonhomie with near-neighbors to go along with the pushing.

--Sophia Lear

(Photo by Sophia Lear)