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The 44th Transfer Of Power?

Two small observations: 

1.) Is it just me or was it strange that the word "Hussein" didn't pass anyone's lips today outside the official swearing-in ceremony? I think the announcer at the Capitol introduced the then-president elect as "Barack H. Obama," and Dianne Feinstein (I think) introduced him simply as "Barack Obama." After so much buildup about how inaugurating a president named "Hussein" would change America's image abroad, the dearth of mentions was a little disappointing. As if the name were being hustled away before it even appeared on center stage.

2.) I'm pretty sure I heard Rick Warren say we were celebrating the peaceful transfer of power for the 44th time. That's a little counterintuitive given that we've only had 44 presidents, which would normally imply 43 transfers...

Click here to watch the video.

--Noam Scheiber