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Tnr On Obama's Inauguration

Getting TNR's inauguration day coverage started bright and early, Michelle defended the indulgence and pomp of this week's festivities as something people need right now.

John Judis thinks Obama's speech was a "disappointing hodgepodge." Eve politely dissents. Alan Wolfe feels let down by Obama's communitarianism, while Linda Hirshman applauds Obama's attempt to redefine citizenship. Jon Cohn thinks Obama's speech swung hard at Bush's foreign policy, and Jon Chait thinks that Obama's liberalism is his pragmatism. He also found some Keynesianism in that inaugural speech. Noam said the speech had too much wonkery and too little style.

Adam Kirsch was underwhelmed by Elizabeth Alexander's "bureaucratic verse," while Walter Shapiro thinks Obama is the true poet. Jason and Eve think Joseph Lowery stole the show with his benediction.

Mike compared the atmosphere of recent inaugurations with Obama's big day. Sophia Lear posted scenes from the chaotic National Mall. Eve reports that Obama supporters love fur. A lot. Noam wonders, why so little mention of Hussein, that oh-so controversial middle name? And Peter Scoblic describes the mayhem and frustration in the lines for a ticketed area. 

Jeffrey Rosen explained how the Chief Justice and President could've avoided that oath snafu. Meanwhile, Eve thinks Obama mentioned George Washington in his speech to alter his image.

--Seyward Darby