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Gratuitous Weekend Argument Starter

A contributor at JamsBio has ranked the Beatles songbook from #185 ("Revolution 9") to #1 ("A Day in the Life") with a clear enthusiast's mixture of passion, insight, and eclecticism. "And I Love Her" all the way down at #167? "Things We Said Today" ahead of "Revolution," "Back in the USSR," and "Yesterday"? Lovely McCartney ditties "Here, There and Everywhere," "For No One," and "She's Leaving Home" all in the top 20--the last nearly topping the chart at #3?

There's a lot to enjoy here--for my part, I confess to never having gotten the arsonist conclusion of "Norwegian Wood"--for any past, current, or quasi-fan of the boys from Liverpool.

Update: Also nice to discover belatedly that the word McCartney warbles so incomprehensibly in the second verse of "I've Just Seen a Face" (an old favorite) is "aware."

(via The Confabulum)

--Christopher Orr