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Driving Doctor Summers

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine working on the Obama Inaugural Committee offered me the unexpected but certainly un-missable opportunity to "drive in Obama's motorcade." I immediately pictured myself in a black Suburban, making small talk with minor officials and waving at the crowds as we inched along--but this image was quickly dispelled: The offer was to drive, as a chauffeur.  What my qualifications were I have yet to uncover. But on Monday, January 12, I drove General James Jones and Larry Summers in the president-elect's motorcade, and my adventure has been chronicled in this week's Talk of the Town. (I also passed the job along to my friend, and regular Plank contributor, Isaac Chotiner, who is in the piece as well. Not included, however, is the "strong, manly look in the eye" the President gave Isaac.)

The line of the day, from a secret service agent explaining my mission to me: "Don't hit anything, and drive like you stole it."

You can read the piece here.

--Sophia Lear