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All The Fine Young Cannibals

Is there any more amusing spectacle than the parade of class-election-level dirty tricks that the candidates for RNC chair are hurling one another's way? Last week, it was an anonymous email, reported by Ben Smith, taking aim at current chair Mike Duncan, who's hoping to stay on in the job:


This week, it's Greg Sargent sharing a fake USA Today cover (again, anonymous) taking a swipe at challenger Katon Dawson's recent membership in an all-white country club:

My only question is whether the latter effort could backfire, as some claimed criticism of fellow candidate Chip Saltzman's decision to send out those "Barack the Magic Negro" CDs did. Given the degree to which media disdain is worn as a badge of honor in today's GOP, someone may have just inadvertantly given Dawson a leg up in the race. That is, unless it was Dawson's folks who sent it out in the first place...

I'm kidding, but only barely. For anyone interested in where young GOPers develop their aptitude for dirty trickery, Frank's piece on the College Republicans remains the best primer I've seen. You can read it here.

--Christopher Orr