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Earlier today commenter rhubarbs asked:

"Dude, can we go back to being the kind of country where we don't put our head of state's head on every printable surface? Please?"

Today  I had lunch with someone who had worked very hard for Hillary Clinton in the 2008 primaries. Although he wound up supporting and voting for Obama, he wearily noted the current ubiquity of gauzy Obama imagery in the media, from magazine covers to Obama-centric MSNBC promos airing on the TV screens in the back of New York taxis. But it was when he noted that even the can of Pepsi in his hand at that very moment bore a sleek new Obama-esque logo that I really felt for him.

By the way, if you doubt that Pepsi is trying to horn on to Obamamania, check out its "Dear Mr. President" page, featuring messages to "the man who is about to refresh America." Ugh.

--Michael Crowley