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Et Tu, Judd?

I think Obama offering Judd Gregg the Commerce Secretary job would be a brilliant political play by Obama: Put a Republican in a fairly meaningless cabinet post (no offense Bill Richardson!) and flip a Senate seat from Republican to Democrat. The thing that I can't believe is that Gregg would apparently be receptive to such an offer.

Yes, Commerce Secretary would be a cushy gig for Gregg--especially if he's worried about facing the growing Democratic tide in New Hampshire when he's up for reelection next year. But what ever happened to party loyalty? Don't get me wrong, I hope Gregg stabs his Senate GOP colleagues in the back. But, unlike, say, Jim Jeffords and Joe Lieberman--who were nursing grudges against their caucuses before they abandoned their parties--I'm not aware that Gregg has been out of step with his fellow Republicans. I guess the Commerce Department is a more happening place than we believed.

--Jason Zengerle