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Those Confused Anti-semites

Something I have long pondered is the paradox of anti-Semites who cannot make up their mind as to whether the Holocaust did not happen, or did happen and was a good thing (hence their admiration for Hitler). Perhaps the best (and unintentionally most amusing) example of this phenomenon occurs (in a single sentence) in a book written by Hutton Gibson (father of Mel). Here it is (via Christopher Hitchens):

And why may not the 'holocaust' have been due to the same curse which they called down upon themselves [for killing Christ]?"

As Hitchens notes:

I pause to note the coarse and nasty manner in which Gibson senior tries to have it both ways, first by sneering at the inverted-comma-probably-didn't-happen "holocaust" and then by saying that the same nonevent was a divine retribution for the killing of Jesus!

Ah, crazy people.

--Isaac Chotiner