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Wither Conservatism Or Whither Conservatism?


If you haven't yet checked out Damon Linker's TNR blog, take a look. His five-point response to Sam Tanenhaus's essay on the death of conservatism is worth a read:

Like Brooks, I admire the conservatism described and defended by [Andrew] Sullivan and Tanenhaus (and Michael Oakeshott), but it's a personal philosophy, a habit of mind or soul, a style of judgment, a disposition or temperament, not a political philosophy.

Instead of standing athwart history yelling, "Stop!," Tanenhaus's ideal conservative would patiently clear his throat before ironically intoning, "Hey, would you mind slowing down a little bit so we can catch up with you before the next round of creative destruction?"

And click here for John O'Sullivan's response to Tanenhaus at NRO.

--Barron YoungSmith