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Joe Wurzelbacher, in town to help with the stimulus, consults with some disinterested observers:

Today I had one briefing, and that was at the Club for Growth, I spoke to Andy Roth. Now yesterday, I talked to the Heritage Foundation. I actually had the chance to talk to the Cato Institute as well, I guess you could call it a briefing, it was more of an interview. But all these bipartisan, or if you will neutral, think tanks are pretty much saying the same things. Say no to this bill, it will devastate America.

Joe shared these insights in a conversation with Glenn Reynolds and Michelle Malkin on the just-launched, soon-to-be-cancelled PJTV. I confess I couldn't make it through more than a few minutes. But Conor Friedersdorf endured the whole thing so that you don't have to either. 

--Christopher Orr