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More Proof The Un Has Sustained The "refugee" Palestinian Problem

Earlier in the day I posted a Spine on UNRWA and its role in perpetuating and exacerbating the misery of displaced Palestinians going back to 1948. Of course, since UNRWA is a well-funded United Nations agency financed by the usual western sources (out of misplaced guilt or fuzzy reasoning) and the grossly self-indulgent Arab ruling classes, its work never stops or, for that matter, never changes.

But maybe we are in a new day. UNRWA has itself admitted that Palestinian terror organizations--in the latest case, Hamas--have seen it and acted as it is, a patsy.  Now, in today's Ha'aretz, there is a story by Natasha Mozgovaya about a report issued by James Lindsay, UNRWA's own legal adviser and general counsel from 2002 to 2007, accusing his former employer of sustaining the problem of "refugee" Palestinians now into the fourth generation.

Take a look. It seems that UNRWA is no longer a holy cow. Oops, wrong religion.