Are the questions about his 2006 campaign payments to his sister unhinging Steele, or what? More weirdness from the new RNC chair, via Glenn Thrush:

The Obama-backed stimulus, he said, "is just a wish list from a lot of people who have been on the sidelines for years.. to get a little bling, bling." ... Steele [on Obama's Elkhart town hall]: "I thought it was very, very interesting. It looks like he's trying to very hard to shore up support from Democrats" because "he's upside-down" in the polls. 

Maybe Thrush's transcript of the exchange is misleading, but if not, then -- leaving aside the "bling bling" thing altogether -- what on earth is Michael Steele talking about? Obama is very popular, as are congressional Democrats, relatively. "Upside down" vis-a-vis Republicans? "Upside down" on Upside Down Day? 

--Eve Fairbanks