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Conservative Press: Obama Is A Superhero!

An exercise in GOP algebra: 

"[The Dark Knight] gives us a portrait of the hero as a man reviled. In his fight against the terrorist Joker, Batman has to devise new means of surveillance, push the limits of the law, and accept the hatred of the press and public. If that sounds reminiscent of a certain former president--whose stubborn integrity kept the nation safe and turned the tide of war--don’t mention it to the mainstream media."-- Andrew Klavan, The Corner

"The Bush-Obama big government, big bureaucracy, politician-empowering, high-tax, high-inflation and high-interest-rate system continues to grow and to place the country in greater and greater danger.... The first job of the conservative movement is simply to tell the truth about how bad these Bush-Obama proposals are.... The new spending bill (as the president called it in his Williamsburg speech last week) is more of the Bush-Obama continuity and represents more of the same."-- Newt Gingrich, The Washington Times

So if Bush is Batman, and Obama is his partner/heir, does that make Obama Robin? He's obviously not the most impressive of superheroes, but when your political opponents are calling you a caped crusader, that's pretty good.

This is the problem with a movement that still can't make up its mind whether George W. Bush is a misunderstood visionary who will one day be vindicated or dead weight to be thrown over the side.

--Christopher Orr