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Holbrooke: Busy Bee

Today's State Department briefing included this update on his frenetic itinerary:

Ambassador Holbrooke continued his visit in Pakistan. He visited tribal areas along the border with Afghanistan earlier today. He met with government and military officials, as well as leaders from civil society. In the tribal areas, Special Representative Holbrooke visited the Khyber Pass and the Bajaur Agency, where Pakistani security forces have been fighting insurgent extremists.

Ambassador Holbrooke met with local military commanders and the political agent of Mohmand Agency, and in Peshawar he met with Northwest Frontier Province Governor Ghani, the Army and Frontier Corps commanders, and NGO representatives from the Swat district, the Waziristan Agency, and the Northwest Frontier Province. This was Ambassador Holbrooke’s second trip to Peshawar and the tribal areas in the past 10 months. 

--Michael Crowley