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Tnr's Greatest Hits On Lincoln

"The War Power of the President," (5/19/1917): In the context of World War I, William A. Dunning examines how Lincoln approached battle.

"The Paradox of Lincoln," (2/18/1920): Herbert Croly deconstructs the myth of Lincoln as "half hero and half saint."

"Lincoln's 'Pass-Key to Hearts,'" (2/8/1922): Ida M. Tarbell explores the unique "capacity for companionship" that gave Lincoln such insight into the human condition.

"Lincoln in 1944," (2/14/1944): Arthur M. Schlesinger compares the challenges of Lincoln's presidency to America's struggle during World War II.

"The Proper Washingtonian," (12/11/1961): Louis J. Halle wonders if John F. Kennedy can find his bearings during a time of crisis, as Lincoln did in his first term.

"The Mexican War Dove," (2/11/1967): Herbert Mitgang discusses the efforts of then-Representative Abraham Lincoln to oppose the Mexican War.

"The Query," (9/18/1976): Woody Allen creates "a one-act play based on an incident in the life of Abraham Lincoln." In Allen's words, "The incident may or may not be true. The point is, I was tired when I wrote it."

"The Decline of Oratory," (5/28/1984): Henry Fairlie reflects longingly upon the 1858 Lincoln-Douglas debates.

"The Universalist" (1/20/1997): Andrew Delbanco reviews Recollected Works of Abraham Lincoln.

"Lincoln v. Lincoln," (5/10/2004): Jeffrey Rosen explains how our "greatest president" was also "our most constitutionally precise president."

"What Stuff!" (1/17/2005): Christine Stansell mulls over The Intimate World of Abraham Lincoln and explores the endless debate over Lincoln's sexuality.

--Katie Koch and Amanda Silverman