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Today At Tnr (february 14, 2009)

  • Turning The Lights Back On: Dr. Phil, Bloody Sheep Livers, And The Secret To Rebuilding Iraq, by Anna Badkhen
  • End The Honeymoon: Why The Left Is To Blame For The Lackluster Stimulus And Bank Bailout, by John B. Judis 
  • ‘Gomorrah': A Gritty Portrayal Of The Italian Mafia That Dispenses With Morality and Justice, by Stanley Kauffmann
  • Hurry Up And Waste: Why Obama Should Have Built More Crap Into The Stimulus, by Jonathan Chait 
  • The Right's Real Fear: People Will Actually Like All This Government Spending, by Harold Pollack
  • 'We’re Not A Bridge': How The Paradox Of Israeli Arabs Is Threatening The Future Of The Democratic Jewish State, by Yossi Klein Halevi
  • Confessions of a Film Critic: 'Shopaholic' and 'The International' Stink, by Christopher Orr 
    • As always, be sure to check out the current issue of the print magazine, environment and energy coverage on The Vine, the latest on health care at The Treatment, and Marty Peretz's The Spine. Also be sure to take a look at TNR's new blogs by William Galston, Damon Linker, John McWhorter, and Alan Wolfe.