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Eric Cantor Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Josh Marshall does a nice vivisection of Eric Cantor for claiming that Winston Churchill and Newt Gingrich are his role models. But my favorite piece of Cantor-bilia has to be this triumphalist video (via Sam Stein) the House GOP Whip's office put out after the stimulus vote:

Yes, it's basically a litany of every tired, failed GOP buzzword (from ACORN to golf carts), all set to the tune of . . . Aerosmith. This isn't quite as important a primary source as, say, Sarah Palin's veep candidacy, but years from now, when historians are trying to sort out what went so terribly wrong with conservatism in the early twenty-first century, I really hope this little video doesn't get overlooked.

--Jason Zengerle