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Surviving The Recession

Yes, in more carefree times you never imagined you'd be trying to supplement your income by betting on the Academy Awards. But you do what you have to do, and when it comes to your friendly Oscar pool, forewarned is forearmed.* You can find what the Vegas oddsmakers are saying here. Or, for a more personal take, my rundown of the major categories is here. And for those curious about host Hugh Jackman who missed my links to his song-and-dance work at the Tony awards, you can get a taste here, here, and here. (His "Boy from Oz" routine--the second of the three--is really not to be missed.)

Finally, consider this a spot to air whatever thoughts you may have about the Oscars or the year in film.

* No, of course I'm not encouraging gambling, which has destroyed families, communities, and Bill Bennett's brand. But if anyone should happen to come into a large sum of money with the help this post (or even without it), I hope you'll remember your friends.

Update: For those wishing to add a little sophistication to their pool, Vulture offers a variety of additional odds categories.

--Christopher Orr