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The New York Times Goes Energy-crazy

In their ongoing attempts to put the rest of us out of business, The New York Times just unveiled its new and very snazzy-looking Energy & Environment page, which focuses on "that vital and contentious place where business, politics, and the environment meet." I guess this just means we're going to have to step up our game, huh?

Oh, and the best part? They're syndicating select stories from Greenwire and Climatewire, which is convenient for those of us without subscriptions who want to obsess over all that breaking insidery news. Here's a dispatch from Greenwire's Alex Kaplun reporting that Harry Reid would like to get Obama's energy agenda—including the cap on carbon emissions—done in the Senate "this year," though it will likely come, as we've long been noting on this blog, in three parts: an energy spending bill, a grid overhaul bill, and then the cap-and-trade bill. "As far as getting you a definite time, I can't do that," Reid said. "Our goal is to get that done this year."

--Bradford Plumer