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But Some Of My Best Friends Are Gay ...

The Washington Post may always be second fiddle to the New York Times, but it's giving the Gray Lady a run for her money in one area: inane social profiles. A few days ago it was bloggers who watch cooking shows and unemployed lobbyists trying to date (what, can't afford bottle service?). Yesterday it was young conservatives in the age of Obama. You have to slog through to the end for the money quote, though:

Siggins says he struggles with some of his party's more culturally orthodox ideals. "Because I am in this generation and was raised in a pro-gay-marriage era, I am only a little bit against gay marriage, but only a little, like 53 percent to 47," he says. "I have about a dozen gay friends, 30 or 20, and they would all back me up. In college, I used to have lunch with them. . . . We went ice skating once."

Because, you know, once you've gone ice skating with teh gays, you never go back.

--Clay Risen