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Three Ambassadors

Not yet announced but (almost) certain to be nominated.

The first is Harvard professor Joseph Nye, not my favorite but probably a fine ambassador, is going to Tokyo. The Japanese can't but realize that they are no longer the cat's meow in Asia, and that China is. Nye will have to keep the rattled Japanese government and economy happy. Since our quarrels with Japan are minor Nye's low-key approach to everyone might just be useful.

Mayor Daley's brother, Richard Daley's son, Al Gore's campaign manager (you know that it wasn't really Donna Brazille) and my friend from the 2000 campaign, Bill Daley, will go to Beijing where there is real work to do. And he can do anything.

And being sent to the homeland, Poland, is Mark Brzezinski, Zbig's son. Apparently a very smart person and without his father's loathsome biases. Like most of the former Warsaw Pact countries, Poland is very friendly to the United States...and to Israel, which relationship I trust Mark will not try to ruin.