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Betting On Joe The Plumber

A PR guy from just alerted me to the exciting news that you can now wager on the political future of GOP rising star/thought leader Joe the Plumber. Some of the current odds:

  • Will Joe run for president in 2011/2012 election cycle? A bet for YES currently pays 12-1.
  • Will Joe run for "public office" (any type) in 2009? YES pays 3.5-1.
  • Will Joe win any elected seat in 2009? YES pays 8-1.
  • Will Joe the Plumber make a bid for the House of Representatives? YES pays 8-1.
  • Will Joe WIN a seat in the House of Representatives? YES pays 15-1.
  • Will Joe the Plumber be hired by any major television news network in 2009? YES pays 6-1.

I'd put the odds of Fox News hiring him a little higher, but otherwise this all looks reasonable to me.

Go ahead: Put a little money down. It's safer than the stock market. 

--Michelle Cottle