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What Stephon Marbury Tells Us About The Economy

Hugo Lindgren, doing yeoman's work to stay positive on a day when the Dow closed below 7,000 for the first time in 12 years, finds reason for economic optimism through a parable about Stephon Marbury, the toxic asset whose value the team recently wrote down by granting him his unconditional release:

Marbury then signed with the Celtics, and could very likely end up playing a meaningful role in their run at another championship (he performed well in his first game). The NBA, which in this scenario, remember, stands for the economy, benefits from Marbury's return from exile. Rather than being wasted in accounting limbo, the talents of a gifted basketball player are put to their good and proper use.

Alas, this doesn't seem to have helped Cablevision's stock price.

--Jason Zengerle