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Franklin Graham's Nonsense

Leave it to Bily Graham's charming son Franklin to give everyone some helpful advice about the atrocities in Sudan. The International Criminal Court is likely going to issue a warrant for the arrest of Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir tomorrow, and The New York Times asked Desmond Tutu and Graham to weigh in. Tutu endorsed the court's decision, while Graham is worried that such action will cause further strife in the country. Fair enough, I thought, even if I disagree. But then there is Graham's final paragraph:

The removal of Mr. Bashir will make it harder to negotiate an end to the crisis in Sudan. Ultimately, justice will be served by a power higher than the International Criminal Court.

Terrific. Why even have courts at all, now that we are on the subject? Meanwhile, Sudanese victims of atrocity can take comfort in Graham's soothing words.

--Isaac Chotiner