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Check Out Noam Scheiber's New Blog, The Stash

Dear Reader: Admit it, you’ve been quietly biding your time, waiting for the day when politics would stop being about output gaps and credit default swaps and start being about something fun again, like the Rasmussen daily tracking poll. Well, it’s not happening. At least not any time soon. Which is why I’ve decided to bring you the next best thing: The fun part of economics. (Stay with me.) At The Stash, I’ll be translating all manner of economics arcana into terms you can appreciate without an MBA, and flagging everything you need to know before deciding, say, how much cash to store under your mattress. I’ll also be passing along original, behind-the-scenes reporting on how the Obama administration makes economic policy, and introducing you to the people in charge of making it. If we can’t obsess over veep candidates and electoral college projections, then maybe the fate of the global economy isn’t a bad second choice.

Oh, and I won't be able to do this without you. Please send any questions, comments, or tips to me at noamscheiber at gmail dot com.

--Noam Scheiber