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What Weed Is Renee Loth Smoking?

The Boston Globe has tiny heft these days. After all, it's owned by The New York Times. In a twelve-page world and national news and editorial section it devotes about eight pages to print. The rest, ads. (There are small metro, sports and business sections, too.) You don't really get a lot of hard information from the Globe. But you sure get your fill of Renee Loth's opinion. She's the editor of the editorial page.

I envy Ms. Loth. She is actually optimistic about Darfur. Not only about the warrant issued by the International Court of Justice for President Omar al-Bashir's arrest. But...

...There is also a chance that the court's arrest warrant for Bashir's arrest could have a transforming political effect. If members of his regime become sufficiently nervous about serving  with a wanted criminal, and if their come under the right kind of pressure from other African Union and Arab League governments, they might decide it is in their interest to remove Bashir, make peace with resistance movements in Darfur, and enable the 2.7 million displaced people of Darfur to return to their villages.    
The Obama administration should exert its influence in the United Nations Security Council and with African nations to help bring about this outcome. It would be acting on the adage that says without justice there is no peace.

What a sweet view of the world. I wish I had the weed Ms. Loth is smoking. Doesn't she realize that all of the parties she mention--Bashir's comrades, the African Union, the Arab League and the U.N. Security Council--have in one satanic way or another been behind this genocide, some more passive than others, but still in effective support of it?

Just as a post-script you might want to know that both the regime in Tehran and Hamas, its emulator in Gaza, have denounced the court for acting like colonials.