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Maybe The News Didn't Fit

Did anybody notice that during the more than two weeks of controversy over the appointment (now rescinded in a fake withdrawal) of Charles Freeman as chairman of the National Intelligence Council the New York Times had nary an inch to report on it? Hush, hush. It didn't happen.

But it did happen and Freeman has now added to the narrative his own paranoid version of the proceedings. Nothing about his fealty to the Chinese regime, its domestic cruelties and commercial equivalents of slavery in the world markets. Nothing either about his supplicant relationship to the Saudi royal family and its hedge between colossal oil earnings and a primitive social order.

It is all about the Jews who were out to get him, awaiting their marching orders from Jerusalem and their slippery daring from each other, the elders of Zion. If all of the statements previously cited in the debates did not condemn him as a bigot then his own poisoned words today certainly do.