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The Times Comes In After The Last Act

But Mark Mazzetti's article in Wednesday's Times about the three weeks of ups and final down of Charles Freeman's appointment as chairman of the National Intelligence Council is cool and accurate. Perhaps not enough about Freeman's puppy fidelity to Saudi Arabia and China. Still... these were there, too.

The fact is, however, that Freeman is haunted by the Jews.They must trouble his sleep and disturb his waking hours. Read it in the Times and in his brooding letter to his fans.

One of my respondents to a previous Spine in which I touched on the paranoid obsessions about the Jews of Harry Truman's secretary of defense, James Forrestal, who jumped to his death from a 16th floor hospital window, asked for a scholarly reference to this strange episode. I forgot to answer.

Here is the authoritative volume: Arnold A. Rogow, James Forrestal: A Study of Personality, Politics and Policy.