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How Do You Say 'slam Dunk' In Spanish?

Buried inside an NYT article about the impact Mexico's drug wars are having on American college students' spring break plans is this odd detail:

George J. Tenet, the former C.I.A. director, was concerned enough about the surge of violence that he told his college-age son, John Michael, to cancel his planned trip to Acapulco and pick another country for his springtime festivities, according to Bill Harlow, Mr. Tenet’s former spokesman at the C.I.A.

An e-mail message disclosing the Tenet family’s decision has been making the rounds at the University of Pennsylvania and other colleges in recent weeks, and it gave some students second thoughts about Mexico.

“The second I got the e-mail, I was going to cancel,” said Ashley Knight-Greenfield, who is staying in a villa in Acapulco with 17 other women from the University of Pennsylvania. “I was so scared, but I had my doubts, too. If it was true, why wouldn’t everyone know about it?”

At least students aren't citing Bob Woodward as their reason for ignoring Tenet's advice.

--Jason Zengerle