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Eat Your Own

MoveOn and ACORN team up to run ads against Blue Dog Democrats who voted against the recent housing bill, which loosened bankruptcy rules for people facing foreclosure:

The organizations say that they are actively seeking out residents in the districts of Reps. Brad Ellsworth (D-Ind.), Baron Hill (D-Ind.), Marion Berry (D-Ark.), and Tim Holden (D-Pa.) who have lost their homes, so they can appear in TV ads asking their congressmen why they voted against the bill.

Normally I wouldn't expect a MoveOn/ACORN ad to have much of an impact in Brad Ellsworth's district, one of the most conservative areas any House Democrat holds. But recession populism may be realigning some of these poorer, industrial districts (Ellsworth's and Berry's districts both host auto-parts plants) fast.

--Eve Fairbanks