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The Last Word On Charles Freeman

As you may have noticed, Charles Freeman's last words were about the looniest of his public career--a career that is now expired. But don't pity him: he will have plenty of venues before which he can speak, maybe not as lush as Bill Clinton's but in the same geographic whereabouts. Why wouldn't Qatar and other emirates want him as a headliner at some fake conference? He might even call the ruler of the emirate, whichever it is, "Sheikh the great."  

A friend of mine, a pious Catholic, had been watching this drama for weeks. He wrote me Wednesday that, reading Freeman's embittered farewell, he waited for the line that blamed the Jews for the death of Jesus. Well, that's something Freeman has not (yet) said. But soon he may judge "the Israel lobby" guilty of blaming the Romans.

In any case, the deserved last words come from an editorial in Thursday's Washington Post. With cool and stiletto words, the Post has put this man in the bin... and with him his supporters--many influential Jews, in fact--which proves the lie of the Israel lobby libel. 

New York Times.Times