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Forget Cheney, Here's What Iraqis Think

Putting aside Dick Cheney's characteristically obnoxious claim that the U.S. "succeeded" in Iraq, this new poll of Iraqis from ABC News, the BBC, and Japan's NHK is encouraging:  85 percent of respondents describe the current security situation as very good or quite good (up 23 percent from a year ago); and 64 percent favor democracy as Iraq's form of government (up from 43 percent two years ago). Most encouraging, Sunnis are becoming more optimistic in their views about Iraq's future. That said, 56 percent of Iraqis still think that, contra Cheney, the U.S.'s decision to invade was wrong. Here's a link (PDF) to the full poll results if you want to peruse them yourselves.

--Jason Zengerle