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March Madness At Tnr

Dear Denizens of the Plank, 

It's time again for the official TNR March Madness pool, your opportunity to go bracket-to-bracket with, well, some of us. To join, set up a account here, click this link to join the pool, and then sign in using the password: Password52.

Scoring is as follows:

  • First Round game winners: 1 point

  • Second Round game winners: 2 points

  • Sweet 16 game winners: 4 points

  • Elite 8 game winners: 6 points

  • Final Four game winners: 8 points

  • National Champion: 10 points

(Ties will be broken with predicted final scores for the championship game. Price Is Right rules do not apply.)

What will the winner get? We're still working that out. But maybe a Jason Zengerle-signed Duke jersey.

--Barron YoungSmith