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Khamenei Dot Com

That's right, the Supreme Leader now has a website. The unexpectedly slick site provides all the tools you'll need to become an Islamic Revolution insider: There's a "Moon Sightings report," list of Hajj rites, a travel album--even a FAQ. (But no evidence of a Twitter feed, alas.)

Most colorfully, Khamenei answers dozens of questions about Islamic law. Here's a sampling:

Q: A car’s tires crushed a cat’s dead body in the street. If tires become najis with the cat’s blood, do they become pure by going on street asphalt immediately after crushing the body?
A: If tires become najis, they do not become pure just by moving on the street paved with asphalt.

Q: During the menstrual period is a woman allowed to dye her hair with henna? And is the use of an artificial dye for the same purpose allowed?
A: It is permissible, yet disliked.

Q: What is the ruling on billiards. What is your opinion respecting it?
A: If it is played with betting, leads to moral or social corruptions or entails association with a haram practice as per shar`, it is impermissible.

Q: Is it permissible to kill a group of insects (like ants) with insecticides if they cause some harmful effects in the house?
A: It is not a problem.

Q: After reciting the formula of the permanent marriage contract, if it appears that the wife was not virgin, is the contract void? Is there a need to recite the divorce formula?
A: By itself, the said defect does not entail revoking the marriage contract.

Q: Is it permissible to do hypnosis?
A: There is no objection to it if it is done out of a sensible motive, with the consent of the person to be hypnotized, without considerable harmful effect on the body and it is not associated with any h?aram act. 

Hope you find those tips useful. And good luck to everyone with defective wives.

--Michael Crowley