Michelle is on deadline, so in my role as loyal helpmeet I thought I'd say what needs saying regarding Laura Ingraham's latest volley in the GOP blonde wars. For those of you just joining us, Meghan McCain took a swipe at Ann Coulter, which led Laura Ingraham to call McCain "plus-sized," which led to McCain appearing on "The View" to invite Ingraham to "Kiss my fat ass," which led to this:

"Let the record show: I never called Meghan McCain fat! She isn't!" Ingraham said [on Fox News]. "And as I have repeatedly said on my radio show and on Fox, she is an attractive young woman. If that throwaway comic line highlighted anything, it was Hollywood's obsession with stick-figure women!"

Now, I don't know everything there is to know about women. But I do know this: When one woman dislikes another, and publicly mocks her as "plus-sized" in a sing-song Valley Girl voice, it is not intended as a critique of Hollywood's slenderness fetish. Though, it being Fox News, I suppose Ingraham may be forgiven for assuming her viewership would believe anything.

The real news here, I think, is the reference to "stick-figure women." Ohmigod! That's totally a slap at Ann Coulter! You just going to sit there and take it, Ann?

--Christopher Orr