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Don't F___ With The Israelis

U.S. intelligence officials have confirmed that Israel bombed and destroyed at least one truck convoy (and probably two) of Iranian weapons on their way to Hamas in Gaza during January. These weapons were missiles and rockets of longer range and greater target accuracy than the ones employed by Hamas during the Palestinians' long and violent prelude to the Gaza war. You can read one report about all of this in Friday's New York Times, three articles in Friday's Ha'aretz and two dispatches  in the Jerusalem Post. The most interesting aspect of these military encounters is that they took place near Port Sudan, on the Red Sea. Which means that any air force worth the label could take out Sudanese weapons on their way to Darfur. Hey, but no one is really interested in the Arab genocide against African Muslims. Please: signs saying "Save Darfur" mean nothing. It's the Quaker way to rescue.

One of the Jerusalem Post's articles reports that an Iranian ship full of Iranian arms was also taken out by the Israeli air force. I have no independent confirmation of this assertion. But I wouldn't be a bit surprised if it were fact. Iranian ships transporting weapons have been having troubles on the seas. One of these was intercepted in Cyprus following American pressure and its military cargo. The cargo was on its way to Syria.

The long distance Israeli intervention in Sudan is a dread harbinger for Iran. As was the destruction of the Syrian atomic installation by Israel's air force in 2007.